ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillows Mask

$299.00 $199.00

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The Swift FX nasal pillows mask makes it easy to forget about the mask you’re wearing.

Combining a super-soft fit with a minimal appearance, it covers as little of your face as possible, softly adjusting to your facial contours and muscle movements without leaving facial marks.


The Swift FX is quick to fit, and flexible enough to sit snugly but lightly over the unique curves of your face.


Dual-wall pillows and flexible cushion base are designed to maintain a seal with your face without restricting your movement while the Spring-flex lightweight tubing minimises pull on the mask, enhancing stability.

Barely there

Minimalism reinforces the sense of freedom.

ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillows Mask
$299.00 $199.00